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Arizona Silver Exploration taps Apollo Silver CEO Tom Peregoodoff for Advisory Role

Arizona Silver Exploration Appoints Tom Peregoodoff as Advisor to Board of Directors

Arizona Silver Exploration Inc has recently appointed Tom Peregoodoff, CEO of Apollo Silver Corp, as an advisor to the company’s board of directors. With over 30 years of experience in the resource industry, including brownfield exploration and resource development, Peregoodoff’s appointment is expected to add significant value to Arizona Silver Exploration’s board.

Peregoodoff’s Experience

Peregoodoff’s experience in the resource industry is extensive, having worked in brownfield exploration and resource development for over three decades. He is currently the CEO of Apollo Silver Corp and a director of American Copper Development Corp and American West Metals Ltd. Before joining Apollo, Peregoodoff served as CEO of Peregrine Diamonds Ltd, where he led the company from its resource development phase to an eventual sale to DeBeers Canada in 2018.

Arizona Silver’s CEO Welcomes Peregoodoff

Arizona Silver CEO Mike Stark has welcomed Peregoodoff to the board of directors, stating in a press release that he is excited to work with Peregoodoff as the company builds and advances its Philadelphia property. Stark also praised Peregoodoff’s honesty, experience, and established trust in the industry, calling him a valuable addition to the team.

Peregoodoff’s Appointment and Stock Options

Along with his appointment, Peregoodoff has been granted 200,000 stock options which are exercisable at a price of $0.50 per share for a period of five years. This is expected to incentivize Peregoodoff to work hard and contribute his best to the company’s growth and success.

About Arizona Silver Exploration

Arizona Silver Exploration is a publicly traded company that specializes in junior mining exploration primarily in the western United States. The company’s Philadelphia property is a high-grade gold and silver vein target located in Mohave County, northwestern Arizona. The company is committed to maximizing returns for stakeholders and advancing the discovery at the Philadelphia project.


Peregoodoff’s appointment as an advisor to the board of directors of Arizona Silver Exploration is a significant addition to the company’s leadership. With his extensive experience in the resource industry, Peregoodoff is expected to bring valuable insights and expertise to the board, helping the company achieve its goals and maximize returns for stakeholders.

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