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Apple Vision Pro: How It Could Affect AAPL Stock

How Apple’s Newest VR (Virtual Reality) Product Could Impact It’s Stock

Apple has long been known for its innovation and the ability to transform existing markets. Its new product, the Apple Vision Pro, is a mixed reality headset, marking the tech giant’s first major new product category since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015​1​. This headset, packed with cameras and sensors, immerses the wearer in virtual reality while also blending in real-world elements of augmented reality.

Features and Specifications

The Apple Vision Pro, reportedly referred to as the Reality Pro, is expected to be announced on June 5. The headset is rumored to have two 1.41” micro OLEDs, bringing a 4,400 ppi resolution and over 5,000 nits of brightness. This resolution should be “4K per eye”, which is impressive considering that other VR headsets like the Meta Quest Pro and PlayStation VR 2 offer lower resolutions per eye​2​.

The Reality Pro is said to look like a sleek pair of ski goggles and combines augmented and virtual reality into a single device, something the industry calls mixed reality. The computer eyewear features dual high-definition displays with about a dozen sensors and cameras. Users will control the device with hand gestures and eye movements. It also reportedly has a physical dial to switch between virtual reality and real life​3​.

The headset is expected to cost around $1,500, and it will be advertised to professionals who are likely to use the device to develop a metaverse for future customers​2​.

The Impact on Apple Stock

The release of the Apple Vision Pro could potentially have a significant impact on Apple’s stock. By introducing the headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple aims to encourage software developers to create applications for the device, which reportedly runs a new operating system called realityOS or xrOS​3​.

Apple’s ultimate goal is to create a lightweight, fashionable pair of smart glasses that could someday replace smartphones. This move into computer headsets is part of a long-term strategy. Despite skepticism from investors, there is a belief that the trend of more immersive consumer tech experiences will continue, which should pave the way for a robust headset market​3​.

Apple’s potential AR/VR headset is believed to succeed where others may have not. The company has advantages over other companies in the computer headset market, including its large developer ecosystem and existing AR content developed for the iPhone and iPad. Initial uptake for the Reality Pro, however, will be relatively modest, with a predicted 200,000 units sold in 2023. It’s important to note that the headset version three years from now will be cheaper, faster, and have many more use cases​3​.

Will the Apple Vision Pro Affect AAPL Stock?

The Apple Vision Pro represents a significant step forward in the realm of mixed reality. While it remains to be seen how the market will respond to this new product, it’s clear that Apple is banking on the headset to be a significant part of its future. As with all of Apple’s innovative products, the success of the Apple Vision Pro could have a substantial impact on Apple’s stock performance and its standing in the tech industry.

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